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Our interpretors all possess the qualifications and experience necessary to deliver a high-quality, fluid and dynamic service.

They are capable of conveying the ideas of the dialogue and faithfully reproducing all statements with pinpoint precision.

The various forms of interpreting offered:

 Liaison interpreting: the interpretor facilitates communication between the parties during small-group working meetings, negotiations in small committees.

 Consecutive interpreting : the interpretor takes notes and accurately relays, in another language, all of the speaker's statements, usually in brief pauses after sections of several minutes' duration.

 Whispered interpreting: the interpretor translates the speaker's words simultaneously, directly into the client's ear. Ideal for one or two people during a visit, for example.

 Simultaneous interpreting: working in a soundproof glass- windowed booth, the interpretor receives the speaker's words through a headphone and simultaneously translates them into a microphone. The audience hears the interpretor through aheadphone connected to a receiver. This is the preferred method for meetings involving more than two languages as well as conferences, conventions and seminars. More lightweight mobile equipment can be used for visits with a smaller number of participants.  

We do not carry in-house interpreting equipment, but can offer the services of our partner for the supply of suitable equipment (upon quotation).

Access Traductions can handle your interpreting assignments in France and abroad (except for simultaneous interpreting assignments, unless you are able to provide equipment or we are able to source a partner abroad).  

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